- Establishing an institute for the promotion of the study and research of the works of Gurbakhsh Singh and Nanak Singh; Maintaining institutions for promotion and research of Punjabi language and literature.

- Organizing and promoting research in history, philosophy, theology and music; Ensuring standardization and publication of literature pertaining to history, philosophy, theology and music.

- Establishment and maintenance of book banks (libraries) across the country for its members and the public; Dissemination of information on the above mentioned points through publication of literature.

- Establishment and maintenance of foundation for conferring scholarships for academics, exhibitions, research in science, technology, religion philosophy, social science and humanities.

- Collection, preservation and publication of original or translated versions of Gurbakhsh Singh’s and Nanak Singh’s works, particularly the manuscripts, letters, writings, teachings and other works; Maintaining a museum for preservation of relics, records, photographs and mementoes pertaining to Gurbakhsh Singh and Nanak Singh.

- Affiliation and cooperation with and funding of like-minded institutions pursuing similar aims as that of Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation; Indulging in activities that support or are related to the pursuance of above mentioned aims.

- Acquisition by gift, purchase, lease or otherwise, howsoever, any land, building, works and immovable property wherever situated for promotion of the aims of the society on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit and proper and to construct or alter and maintain any buildings or works.

Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation

In consonance with its concept of promoting a culture of peace, literacy and Punjabiat and all that pertains to Punjab including its language and literature, the high lanes and by-lanes of the utopian village Preet Nagar, became home to the headquarters of Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation, on April 16, 1999, when the Foundation devoted to the preservation and promotion of the legacy of stalwart Punjabi litterateurs Gurbakhsh Singh and Nanak Singh, was instituted.

The Foundation
  1. The creation of this Foundation was spearheaded by Bhapa Pritam Singh, of Navyug Publishers, Delhi, who was greatly influenced by the works of Gurbakhsh Singh and Nanak Singh. While Gurbakhsh Singh was the harbinger of a cultural revolution in Punjab, Nanak Singh chipped in by lending finesse to Punjabi language and literature.
Founding Members
  1. Its founder members included Kartar Singh Duggal (writer) as Patron, Bhapa Pritam Singh (Publisher) President, Ms Uma Gurbakhsh Singh (Publisher) Vice President, Mr Hirday Paul Singh (writer of Children’s literature) General Secretary, Mr Kanwaljit Singh Suri (educationist) as Secretary, Mr Kulbir Singh Suri (Writer and Publisher) treasurer, Dr Balwant Singh Tung (Surgeon) member, Mr Barjinder Singh Hamdard (journalist and member), Mr Jagjit Singh Anand (journalist and member) and Vice Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University as co-opted member.
The members that were
  1. The members that were: Following the demise of Bhapa Pritam Singh, Uma Gurbakhsh Singh and Dr Balwant Singh were elected President and Vice President, respectively. Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO late Mr Madanjit Singh was made the Chief Patron. After the passing of the Chief Patron and Patron, Madame France Marquet took over as the Patron of the Foundation. Inhibited for various reasons, Mr Jagjit Singh Anand relinquished his founder membership. Thespian Mr Gursharan Singh was a member too before his death.

Existing Members
  1. Dr Ranbir Singh (Ophthalmologist), Mr Mohinderjit Singh (Architect), Dr Renuka Singh (Sociologist), Mr Jatinder Singh Brar (Founder, Punjab Naatshala), Mr Kewal Dhaliwal, (Theater Personality), Mr Rajiv Kumar Sharma (Academician), Dr Parminder Singh (Social Activist), Mr M K Raina (Thespian), Mr Sukirat Anand (Writer-journalist), Dr Neeta Mohindra (Painter and Theatre Personality), Dr Rashmi Nanda (Dance exponent) are the existing members of Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation.      
The Venue
  1. Already a hub of cultural activities in the 1940s and 1950s, there could not have been a better venue to place the nerve center of Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation than Preet Nagar, a hamlet situated close to the international border with Pakistan in the Indian Punjab. A complex marks the existence of Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation in Preet Nagar, but its approach is universal and caters to Punjabi diaspora and fans of Punjabi language, literature and cultural traditions, worldwide.