Preet Bhawan of Gurbaksh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation

Amidst all the talk of literacy, love, harmony, peace, culture and Punjabiat, it would be unfair to omit the mention of Preet Bhawan, the mansion of love, situated in the heart of the headquarters of Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation at Preet Nagar, which promulgates the concept of love. The Preet Bhawan plays a key role in propagating love, the sublime emotion that forms the very basis of Preet Nagar, in myriad ways, some of which have been listed here. 

Preet BhawanPreet Bhawan
The Foundation and Inauguration
  1. Thakur Uday Singh, representing Namdhari Guru Maharaj Jagjit Singh, laid the foundation stone of the Bhawan, artistically designed by renowned architect Mohinderjit Singh, on October 7, 2001. Exactly five years after its establishment on April 16, 1999, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO Mr Madanjit Singh inaugurated the Preet Bhawan on April 16, 2004, thus affording the strayed soul of Preet Nagar an eternal nest.

    Nine years later, on April 21, 2013, the indoor auditorium was air-conditioned and dedicated to the memory of late Mr Madanjit Singh, former Chief Patron, Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation. A month later, on May 1, 2013, the Open-Air Theatre was dedicated to mark the centenary of the birth of late Mr Balraj Sahni, who was associated with Preet Nagar.

Literary Museum
  1. A room in the double-storey edifice sprawling over four kanals of land has been designated as a Literary Museum where writings and personal belongings of Punjabi litrary giants Gurbakhsh Singh and Nanak Singh are displayed. With the aim of promoting literacy and meeting the needs of the litterateurs in the region, a library, well-stocked with books and newspapers, has been established here, which is expanding every day.

Literary Initiatives
  1. To supplement its literacy initiatives, Gurbakhsh Singh Nanak Singh Foundation runs Sunday classes for those who cannot access these at school, in a study room specially earmarked for the purpose, besides running a study centre with the help of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for the aid of those, who are unable to attend regular classes or face problems in various subjects.

Vocational Training
  1. A multi-purpose room doubles up as a residence or an administrative office, as and when the need arises, also serves as an institute for running cutting, stitching and embroidery classes for girls from indigent families around Preet Nagar. These courses are run with the help of Nehru Yuva Sangathan and go a long way in equipping girls from economically backward families to stand on their own feet.
Residential quarters
  1. Four rooms, with attached bathrooms, have been erected to lodge researchers and scholars and visitors, who come to participate in various events organized at the Bhawan.      
The Auditorium
  1. Preet-Nagar-AuditoriumAn auditorium, well-equipped with state-of-the-art digital devices for controlling light and sound, and artistically done seating arrangement, acts as a perfect setting for holding seminars, meetings and cultural programmes. The auditorium is flanked by two green rooms-one for gents, another for ladies-to enable artistes to get ready for performances. Embellished with green granite, to complement the name by which they are called in theaterical glossary, these green rooms are approachable from all directions.  

The Open-Air Theatre
  1. Preet-Nagar-Open-TheatreThe Open-Air Theatre of Preet Bhawan is equipped with delicate digital gizmos for controlling light and sound during various functions and rising stair-like pews with the capacity to accommodate around 500 persons. The Open-Air Theatre comes alive with performances on the third Wednesday of every month, barring a few exceptions. This theatre has contributed to the cause of Indo-Pak bonhommie by affording equal chances to Indian and Pakistani artistes to exhibit their talents here.

Open and Concealed Kitchens
  1. Momentous occasions and gatherings often call for serving meals and refreshments to guests. This is when the Open and Concealed Kitchens of Preet Bhawan often come in handy. While food is prepared in the Open Kitchen during big gatherings, on other occasions the Concealed Kitchen situated underneath the stairs erected to seat the audience is used for preparing refreshments.  


Sprawling Greens
  1. The lush green lawns, encased by shining flower beds, lend grace and an aura of peace to Preet Bhawan.

  1. Birinder Singh Dhunna, of Gangtok, Sikkim, supervised the construction of the Bhawan, the interiors of which were done by expert designer Sanjay Mahale. Suresh Bhardwaj, an expert planned the light and sound arrangements for the Auditorium and the Open-Air Theatre, while the credit for the green look of the premises of Preet Bhawan goes to Manish Kapoor. The Foundation is indebted to these experts for lending their valuable services out of pure goodwill.